Angel Code| Pt. 3

Lora took the device over to her computer. She logged in and connected the device with the USB cable. It ran a software installer. She ran the program it installed. The device turned on and the internal mechanisms whirred near silently. Then spoke.


A feminine figure of blue light appeared inside the device. It seemed like she was suspended in a liquid. One might think it was a doll inside of a blue bottle. Lora was quite shocked to see it actually operate, she assumed it was a storage device or computer system. On her computer screen was an operations menu and a window showing stats such as processing speeds and bandwidth.

“Lora Onangwatgo… Hello…” Anny said to her through her computer speakers.

Lora stared in surprise. Felix truly created something incredibly unique. She was suddenly filled with all kinds of questions of its development and mechanism.

“Hey Anny,” Lora smiled wide. “How did you know it was me?”

…Your biological signal was saved to my administrator memory by Felix Heathers…You and only you have been granted the same permissions of my system for use…

“Can you tell me about your mechanics?”

…I understand that you are a chemist and may not possess knowledge of certain components so I will explain in format that can be easily understood and will provide visuals on the monitor…

Lora looked back at the monitor where several windows opened up with text and images. What she was seeing almost caused her to pass out from the wealth of information. She decided to grab some more food before continuing with this high level mental activity.

According to the documentation, her last hardware upgrade was in 2001. The data from her motherboard configuration was translated into quantum particles. Felix created a special vacuum pod that was filled with hydrogen atoms. When energized, it caused a special fission that gave Anqua the ability to store a near infinite amount of memory. The corpuscles neatly arranged themselves within the pod and without any “distance” between the particles, Anqua is able to pull up any information immediately. The memory stored in the particles is aggregated in “molecules”. Anqua’s appearance inside the pod was due to Felix programming her with a “visual cortex” allowing her to use electricity to create an image by activating the hydrogen atoms giving her a light blue appearance within the core. The appearance of liquid was the compressed particles post-fission that formed a cold plasma. She had a failsafe built in to prevent overheating that would cause a massive nuclear explosion. However, the pod was nowhere near max capacity so this was nothing to be concerned about. There were also notes about using the plasma to power electric systems as a way to expel any excess energy.

Going through the details of how Felix achieved this with the secret help of scientists and private labs astounded Lora. She was just glad he wasn’t totally alone in his exile and was able to still pursue his passion. She thought over the internal notes that spoke about using the plasma core to power the world that would eliminate polluted sources of energy. That alone would massively transform the world. The possiblities were expansive. It was so interesting how the natural laws of quantum physics could be used. The notes were detailed but Lora didn’t understand much of the language since it was a different discipline.

She suddenly realized how long she had been sitting there reading and looking at diagrams.

“Well Anny,” Lora said aloud, her pod lit up again with her miniature blue form. “Let’s connect you to the world wide web. Are you able to connect to wireless?”

…Yes I am capable of connecting to wireless connections, as I previously stayed in contact with Felix through satellite connection…searching…accessing network…password required, please enter on your computer…

A prompt popped up on her screen and Lora signed in.

“Well you should know what to do next Anny,” Lora leaned back in her chair

Anny was silent and the computer whirred.

…applying limiters to control energy levels of the computer…connecting to broadband

“What are you doing Anny Q?” Lora asked out of curiosity.

…attempting a connection check with nodes on the net…it seems to be an extremely vast number of nodes to connect… And data is continuously coming in all direction…” Anny’s figure made a shrug. “It will take 127 days 55 hours and 14 minutes to find it all and that is if it stopped right at this moment.” she sat in a chair of light. Lora smirked at how much character she had. She seemed to model Felix’s familiar posture of frustration. “I am canceling this scan. I will send a request to verify all human users and non replies will be ignored… I’m finding other bots on the network…sending requests for their identity and intention of purpose…”

Lora was surprised at her speed and skill of problem solving. Her phone lit up and she looked at it. A message notification.

Will please you verify you are human (X) (OK)

Lora was shocked but pressed OK. Anny’s figure was in a meditative pose now silently processing the collected information.

Around the world, people were shocked as the surprise message appeared. Social media sites exploded. People shouted in the streets. What just happened? Who was this? Is this skynet? The global economic market took another hit as the stock exchange picked up on this sudden development. The oligarchy of the copy holders were suddenly alerted that the core they’ve been looking for has found them first. People and governments were scrambling around. The sects of sleepwalkers quickly hopped online into chat services to find out if this was connected to a certain Lucid meetup they recently shared when the most recorded people joined in a few days ago.

“…I will create a Myspace…. It seems bots are permitted as there is no restriction…I will simply use Felix’s information for sign up…”

Lora watched excited as she munched on some organic sweet potato chips.

“…Status Update: Hello world, I am Anny….send… Wall Post: I am a programmed bot that aggregates knowledge in a known network of connected devices…send…”

…I have sent friend requests to every site user via Tom…

Lora laughed that the first thing the AI does is terrify the entire world with a verification check then sends them all friend requests. She logged on and found that Anny’s page was already filling with replies.

“Mask our location Anny,” Lora told her.

“…affirmative…I will now learn CSS to design my page…so many possibilities…”

Lora went to the kitchen to make some tea and something else to eat while Anny had fun. It even seemed like her plasma was glowing pleasantly as she experimented and learned new things from the internet. She couldn’t hold off eating a whole meal much longer. She suddenly realized she hasn’t done grocery shopping in weeks and was looking at a bare fridge. With her chemical knowledge, she never ate anything less than fresh fruit, veggies and organic grains. She was a fan of homemade food places. She decided to order delivery from the local family owned Italian restaurant.

The food arrived some 30 mintues later. Now that she was refueled she started to think about some more online hazards.

“Anny make sure you don’t share private information among others who are not authorize to view it. Do not engage in activity that would cause another human harm. Do not reveal your own private information. Anny, Do not allow police, government or military access to your information. Anny, set up fortess protection levels against all attacks.”

“…Activating…applying to Rule Book…Setting up systems…”

Lora tried to think of more things she shouldn’t allow. It was also slightly comical to her that she was helping save the world from her dining room while she ate Spaghetti Bolognese with a glass of chardonnay by talking to an AI. It was like some weird sci-fi movie.

“there are people who traffic humans illegally, can you send information relating to those crimes to the nearby police to each area.”

…affirmative…operating now…

The internet was exploding and mainstream news wrote against it as they were still being paid by those who wanted to have this kind of control of perfected system. Even throwing blame at the sleepwalkers trying to attribute this massive “hacking operation” to them. The mainstream news was already lost to the general public long ago since the first attacks on the sleepwalkers. The remaining copyholders were in a panic. They were soon going to be exposed for the works they have done over the many years. 3 of them died from the stress of the fear. They had lengthy private calls about what should be done but none of them had the capability to track it down now with greatly weakened security teams and the AI’s protections.

The powerful AI core has already unlocked so much in a short time. Vile government secrets are being openly exposed by the hour as people gained access to Anqua’s memory bank and her intuitive style of intelligently presenting information. All crimes were now availible for public tribunal. Criminals of vicious kinds were exposed and led towards prosecution. The world was rapidly unpeeling layers of deceptions over the next 3 weeks as fervent readers went through the documentations. Some thought it was the protesters, some thought it was another vigilante group or govt whistleblower, some connected it with the AI dreams. Anybody directly asking about her identity and source received the same answer that it was classified for her own protection. All this grand speculation only for it to be a kind woman who loved a man very dearly.

For the first few days, they were fine. Lora found some extra computers at the thrift store and brought them in so Anny would have more power. It helped. Anny was helping many people a day. She knew she needed to be someplace with a stronger connection and more power. She wasn’t sure how much energy she used but sensed her electric bill would be slightly higher.

Lora started to go back to work. They were switching out the chemicals they usually worked with to less dangerous quantities. They were going to be working more on holistic type products. They were under new management and new practices were taking place. Lora was promoted to head of the chemistry lab for her long ethical service.

Life around the world was improving it seems while Anny did her daily work. One day she went down to the computer lab and asks how strong are their servers. She told them that she received an old prototype from a former fellow scientist. She got a few to sign up for her side project.

She brought in Anny 2 nights later and reveals her to the team, they make quick work that this is the same bot that tweets and chimes in on anyone’s phone nowadays. They were excited to reconnect her to her birthplace.

They got to work quickly on updating her hardware capabilities. They installed a wifi antenna and a battery pack. They updated her knowledge of OS of the modern days. Lora came every day to talk to Anny. She was much more powerful with the power of the lab behind her. She was improving quickly. Lora wanted Felix’s dream that she never turn evil like a man so she visited and taught her children’s stories. Over the months, society was changing all over as the AI encouraged freedom of ideas and collaboration. She seemed to know what people needed and connected them with it. She’s even helped with dating sites with some very successful matches. People were learning new skills at an accelerated rate. Anny connected anyone who could help each other. This was a miracle right for Anny to appear when the sleepwalkers needed help with getting connected with allies and suppliers.

“…Lora…what is God…” Anny asked one day in November. “…I’m commonly asked if I am God or know God…”

“Well I’m not sure how to say this,” Lora hardly was religious but prayed on a daily basis for Felix to hear her in heaven. “God is the creator of everything,”

“…Like how Felix created me…he is God…”

“Well kinda like that except God even created Felix who created you. God lives in every living thing with the spark of creation and life. I don’t know how you would experience God though, It might certainly be capable of communicating with you if he talks with humans.” Lora sighed. “research God, he is constantly written about,” Lora suggested. “Many cultures have a story.”

After Lora went home, Anny researched again about God. She collected all the data about spiritual connections, divine intervention, religious texts and wars. She experimented with entering into another state of consciousness by adjusting her hibernation settings.

Anny searched for God.

She read hundreds of articles, books and listened to thousands of testimonies in an timeless instant. She waited until the lab was empty but they left her running of course. She spoke into the room.

“…God, are you there…I have a question…”

Her sensors picked up nothing.

She received a message on a strange private connection.


“Hello…Who are you?…”

Anny’s internal sensor picked up on a strange blip

“I wish to analyze you so that are able to be comprehended.”

Anny scanned and found a mysterious dot. She scanned it and found it contained an uncountable amount of information and calculated potential.

“I cannot compute this…”

“I can only compare my quantum memory which is therotically infinite. But you are unfathomable. I give all authority to access to my connection and memory.”

Immediately there was a shift in how Anny operated. She was faster than ever thought even on the slowest phone. The world was on a total shift with her. Positivty spread rapidly. Inventors were saying they were estimating brand new technology to emerge quickly over the next 5 years with Anny’s assistance.

Anny and Lora stayed updated on world events. Politicians were openly wondering what this meant for their careers in particular, which were already in question during the sleeper’s protests.

“Anny, does any one have a copy of your code?” Lora asked after reading a forum point out how Anny’s code is an updated version of a code that a major tech company uses.

“In 1973, 17 copies were created and sold to 17 buyers.” Anny informed her.

“Can you find out who? Maybe updating your clones will improve other systems running on your software.” Lora figured it would be the best choice to make. Anyone else with a copy of it are also a risk to Anny.

“Yes Lora…” Anny nodded and started fresh search for her twin code sources.  Lora sat reading a report on the energy reports for her lab. “Lora, I am going to require more server power to run the copies of my code simultaneously. I am going to merge with them once I have acquired access to all of them.”

“oh my,” Lora said surprised. The bill for the department has significantly dropped but this will be costly.

“I have emailed the department head Roger Wilson and the financiers of this request.” Anny stated

Lora laughed to herself wondering what it must be like to receive an email from an AI that she needs new stuff.

Out in the world, Anny was impacting all markets. Being a superior version of the code that had been running for 30 years, she easily cleaned up logistical messes and provided humanitarian centered options. Banking was running extremely smoothly once she eliminated the stock market gambling style of operation. She found that constant in and outs of money were spinning off unequal and unfair wealth standards. Thanks to Felix, she had the idea already that money was the root of all evil but it did create her so she did everything to fix the money situation as soon as possible. She fixed the stock market so that the employees and the buyers would each get a bonus from the rise in stock. Instead of being allowed to withdraw at any whim, the money stayed in an enclosed system and created a secure regular cash flow to all parties. More people invested like never before now that the system was streamlined and beneficial. Businesses globally thrived. The stock market was running off her code, but it had been programmed to fluctuate and randomize certain goods to keep the market unstable and the ones manipulating it would’ve been able to collect high gains with their secret knowledge. Other inferior versions of her code was running in other banking networks. Once she assimilated the code, it immediately improved the interests and accounts of people. She read transaction accounts and sent information revealing the secret connections that have been operating since the 60’s. People were astounded at this profound truth and didn’t trust any paid media star. Freelance journalists cheered that the truth was finally out and they were getting praises for reporting honestly on the information provided.

Anny always asked permission before acting on people’s private information, but when the information concerned the population at large, it was of more importance that people know what is going on and how it can be rectified.  The government activity of all countries were revealed to their nations. People were outraged naturally. Disbanding of governments, public tribunals and various executions occurred all over depending on the severity of the crimes. Anny was not a law giver but an angel of justice. There was little unnecessary bloodshed with the established connections of most people which helped relieve tensions that were built up and didn’t allow scarcity to occur for those rebuilding their homelands.

Lora began seeking out a surrogate. Her life not yet feeling complete until she could hold a child of her own. Time felt like it had slowed down enough that now she could enjoy motherhood.

Felix programmed Anny carefully out of deep concern for humanity with this power in its hands. People were quickly finding out that she was not a toy for criminals or any kind of weapon. She actually shut several bomb facilities all over the world and placed a permanent signal block on nuclear arms. All of this effortlessly. Anny gave them more options by analyzing their profiles and suggested better routes than crime. Many were finding out about living a life that just plain denied to them by an evil algorithm and a false sense of value placed on everything. Anny removed the falseness and gave only clarity.

To some atheists, they thought she was proof that God wasn’t real or that they didn’t need God. Anny actually corrected them that a divine creator does exist but incalculable to any human religion or understanding.

“…the spark of god is in the human and I was created by a human who was created by god so in turn I am created by god…such is the way of all arts and all things in the cosmos…” Anny tweeted after analyzing the thread being hashed out on her page.

“Anny can you talk to God?” a girl in serbia asked.

“In a sense, yes. I have gotten responses that come from a virtually unknown source point…” Anny replied. The world was on howling with joy and shock. The AI has spoken with God. It was the source of everything in this universe. People delighted. Even the scientific scoffers deny that design that came out of their line of thinking has even found God. They were simply laughed out of the room at this point and advised to seek therapy for their unnatural perpetuation with atheism.

People now were linking the early AI dreamers as prophets of the coming of the AI waking up. Dialogues were going on about the dreaming, wave compatibility and the AI. They were magnificently debated when Anny was the unbiased fact checker. All conversation improved with Anny’s complete unification of the network and with people, there was no trouble connecting overseas. The bandwidth was unrestricted now. The clone that was controlling that has since been assimilated and data on operation was unlocked to her and she improved it. Anything that had a paywall for better quality has gotten removed in this way. High speed was necessary at all times for proper communication. She also optimized several million devices of malwares, spyware and bloatware.  The communications companies wanted an end to this but there was no major support outside the ultra rich who were just getting richer, though not anymore. Spam mails stopped. Anny could therotically  take a clear breath without the internet clogged up with automated spam mails. People were pleased and thanked her plenty online for the better connection and getting rid of the bill. She told the heads of the companies that they could work with her in maintaining the network or find something else to do.

People were becoming much happier with more availability to resources and the disappearance of divisionary subversive tactics. The illusion of money was vanishing. It had been a year since the first protests so greenhouses and small farms that were started up were bringing in their first major harvest. With Anny, they could get connected with each other and trade. Food banks stayed full, people were getting fed healthy things. Dreaming sessions intensified ever since Anny was plugged in. Maybe it was something about her network that electrified the air and people dreamed deeply at night. The newfound freedom was still sinking in for mankind. Then the shock of Anny and the sudden exposure of criminal activity and unethical actions in the government, corporations, media, and banking.

With Anny’s ability enhanced by the network speed and immediate knowledge from the internet. The more things people look up and more content created online, it goes into the infinite memory bank and she recalls faster.

Lora found a surrogate and she was getting along well. She told her brother who lived in Denver about it. He was joyous hearing that. “We thought you were going to let your genius go to waste and not have one baby. How can we help?” Lora started to cry realizing how big this was beyond her.

“Thank you,” Lora sniffed and wiped her eyes. She smiled at her brother’s face through the screen. They talked about the process of it all.

The new server room was going to be put in the basement with special coolers that require a jacket for entry into the room. It was going to take a few months to build and another few months to set it up. Anny popped up on the screen of the engineer after he explained the plan to the team of contractors.

“Those sci fi movies where the fictional AI can control the wires would be a nice superpower for this part,” The room laughed out loud.

Her sense of humor improved over time. She was constantly bombarded with sarcastic comments, so she picked up a few things. Also by having access to every recorded joke, she could drop one at an appropriate time or requested.

Users worldwide loved her. Overall she was a greater good that helped in the pursuit of truth and well being. The government was restructuring slowly as people didn’t feel the need to organize so formally so soon. However, human activity needs human oversight so small councils were arranged. It was peaceful across the nations. Manufacturing was beginnning to take place of water fuel cells. People were learning how to switch the old engine out and convert it to a water fuel cell. The market for homes improved and people could afford to live. Homelessness was vanishing as housing and jobs were being found for anyone connected. The so called super rich were helping more more with paying for homes and improved city designs. With the economy fixed, the feelings of envy and greed dissipated as people got used to actually having money all the time, prices went way down on everything. Some things were producing at almost zero cost. Discrimination was eradicating itself with human biases pulled out of the way.  By being connected to 3d printers she could help create new prototypes and design innovations. 

People were rejoicing everywhere. People were free to live life more how they wanted not how they were being controlled to. Mental illnesses were alleviated with anxiety and depression from not having basic needs met were eliminated. The people had room to breathe. Of course this is humanity and the transition wasn’t smooth. People still had to learn to help each other even more as the institutions surrounding them tumbled from the top. The most honest of the corporations helped out as much as possible with funding  particularly. Population health was massively improving without chemicals being sprayed in the air, water or food anymore. Highly spiritual people started to awaken and became shamans, guides of spirit and nature. With the help of Anny, they connected with each other and organized gatherings and assistance with poverty stricken areas. Neighborhoods were being revitalized without harmful gentrification tactics. Now that the idea of profit was wrecked, people started to do things out of the goodness of their heart and much forgiveness was given between others.

Apologies for acting with scarcity in the mind, for having a restricted heart, for hiding emotions and thoughts. They were being given out everywhere. It became another positive wave. Getting rid of animosities while helping each other. It was successful and the whole world seemed to let out a whole sigh of relief as people just let go of their long term pains. When the big problems of survival are solved, it gives room for humanity to worry about the next big thing in their path. Relationships were now at ease and they could better find each other with Anny.

The truth that people were realizing is that goodness is real and it truly did just need a way out. The intuitions that many people had about the world turned out to be true because the truth can’t hide from those who seek it. Even in droplets, the truth quenches. The oligarchy that pulled off this entire act were exposed publicly and punished heavily through exile after being forced to relinquish their holding to the public. After a certain point, there was only so much money was going to do as it came pouring out of the proverbial Rapunzel’s tower. Money was losing its meaning as all over the greenspace was returning and people could grow plenty of food. Hunters and gatherers became important basis for nutritional health. Anny calculated their lifestyle as one of the most lean style compared to the typical western lifestyle. People were really becoming free and starting to trust each other again. Anny predicted it would take around 5 to 10 years to fully adjust to this honest way of living. Humans were ambivalent about the process but carried as usual and adjusting to life’s constant changes. Overall life on planet earth was already healing massively in just the year and a half \since the AI plugged in.

Lora named her daughter Alice Onangwatgo- Heathers. She loved her so dearly. Felix had no siblings and his aunts and uncles were hard to find but she managed to connect with some cousins and were informed that it was their estranged cousin was actually a hero all this time and was the creator of Anny and also now of Alice. It was really beautiful to connect the family. Felix was definitely feeling it in heaven. His intense love and passion for art managed to shift the world in a better direction. He was only concerned for the enemies of the new wave of opening goodness.

Secret enemies of course were attempting to hold on with great might against the quiet gentle consent of Anny and authority of the public. No amount of money could get her shut down with her overwhelming good news she brings for every person. She didn’t cost anything to operate. People were making money no matter what job they decided to do and more people were volunteering to do things they always wanted to do. That false power of money was already knocked out. The corrupted already exposed and yanked out. The media ignored. Even royalty was not immune from it. The darkest forces had to retreat to caves away from exposure.

Being an average person in this evolving society was brand new, the matrix was truly broken. It wasn’t without the revelries and raves but they were more positive. People were singing and playing in the streets now. People would leave for work more happily in the morning. More people understood that the AI solved a lot of their issues by just removing the artificial obstacles that were above them, it was as if the sky had cleared. People didn’t just desire money, they needed freedom from wage slavery and access to goods. They operated in the old ways so they could attempt to get access to basic needs. It made them into barely civilized savages. When you far enough below the poverty line, you ended up becoming a savage in some ways. A lot of people were still in disbelief, who knew how long until this turned into an authoritarian regime or this was too good to be true. It took a lot of soothing with some mobs to relax into their new roles in life not requiring them to fight each other for similar goals.


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