Brave Horatius

When I moved to Washington State, I was not sure of the kind of people I would meet. This region of the Pacific Northwest has a supportive culture for artists of all kinds. Vibrant energy radiates this land and awakens all kinds of artisans. Animal spirits, warrior starseeds, aliens, and life restarters are accepted here. Friendliness is the regular tone among the native folks. Music and paint have a place on every corner and curve in every city throughout the state.

I met one of these homegrown artists using Tinder. A philosophy major working a bank job. Playing since he was 10 years old, he has developed a special talent for the chords. Of course, when he mentioned that he played music, I had to check out the Soundcloud. The 2017 album is a collection of solo songs. Each with its own touching tone, reminiscent of youthful desires and the shift towards a matured perception of reality. ‘Fallacy of the False Self’ cauterized the open wound of my heart; Severing a malignant glob of expectations, persona, and delusions. Wringing these lower sensations from my emotional body isn’t easy, but less reabsorbs after each self-healing session.

“Meteors” speaks this similar rhythmic language of healing from the past. The strings on this song as plucked with tenderness. As the film of our youth starts the roll credits sequence begins with our first Saturn Return, this is the tune to which we last embrace. Accomplishments and Failures, acquaintance lovers and eternal enemies, broken boundaries and ascension. With just the instrumental, it takes me to all these places while laying still. Watching the sky fall with you would make the end of the world my favorite experience. This sweet sadness is the most forbidden of pleasure. A razor-thin line to absolute pain, but that just shows the power of Love to transform even the worst of experiences.

So who is Horatius and what made him so brave that he deserved poems and ballads? Historically, the Horatius referenced in this song is the 6th-century Roman general who defended the bridge from invaders. Ultimately, they failed but it was valiant and he lost an eye in that battle. An 18th-century poet wrote about him in high regard. As someone incarnated with the genetic memories of ancient Africans, I don’t particularly have a soft spot for Roman generals. I’m an autodidactic student of mythology which has broadened my perspective of global events but I’m hardly ever on the side of vicious conquerors. Awareness of time is healing, not letting it pass by ignored. There is also another famous Horatius in that era. A poet at the time of Julius Caesar’s rise and assassination. As a young conscript threw his shield before successfully retreating from battle to follow his true passion for writing. He wrote satirical works on Roman politics.

After becoming enamored with this song, I had to get the lyrics. My mind had to be quenched with knowledge. Of course, he gladly shared it with me. Clarity. I knew I was going to dive deep into the lines. My biggest question for any artist is what inspired you to do this work. Once again, my epigenetics get a hot surge from this piece. While the other 2 songs, I mentioned shine with the soft glow of reminiscence. Brave Horatius stirs Tartarian memory. At first, I thought it was a spell and I’d gotten bewitched by a bard of Hades. This could still be true because I have read the myth of Eurydice and Orpheus and it sounds like it could be a similar speaker in the lyrics. I’m an investigator of art with faith in the unknown so I followed my nose down that interpretation and may have discovered profundity. 

This interpretation is based on my own experiences and how it has blossomed into symbolism expressed in this music.

It’s a romantic story. War and roses. It is in the tune of ‘I hope to return to you, my true love‘. That last time we made love will manifest again in another pair of lovers at the crossroads of social tragedy. It seems like each time we fall in love, you were a Capulet and I, a Montague. The Kemetic and the Greek. The Lady and the Tramp. Each of these times was plagued with the taboos of culture keeping us apart. A disaster that would rend the specially crafted beauty of our courtship. We meet in the afterlife every time reunited as the One spirit or the sphere of beginnings. Blooming again in the garden of eternity to pollinate and seed our bonds again. It almost feels futile to attempt but our souls have no other desire but to do just that over and over. Its hideous ephemeral nature is one picture we cannot tear our eyes from. The tears provide the water to grow again. It is an extraordinary cycle. A death in the shadow of honor and glory is what any worthy human strives for. Even though the pain, another time we raise our swords and we restore our nobility that never left our souls. The true love that never faded from memory.

I have much gratitude for the musician who rekindled a fire in my spirit that was bordering on being snuffed out. Divine timing brought us together for a great reason. For ignition and iniatiation into the next phase of life on Earth. I have walked my path of blind faith for my entire life with danerous edges, backpedaling, spirals and stairs. Whether or not I “win” this war, I’m bravely defending the virtues of truth, love and wisdom. Such as Horatius, proudly protecting the gates.

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