I am a natural intuitive healer. I am a student of Psychology, philosophy and the Occult. My ambition is to become a doctor to heal the world. The fuel that drives me is pure altruistic love. I’m not in this business just to make money, I truly want to encourage healing and happiness in the whole world. My content will speak for itself about my personal motivations.

I have become inspired recently to push forward through this internet wave of censorship and algorithms to make sure my people, because we’re all family here (but it’s healthier than Olive Garden), are okay. It seems like the quieter voices are getting shut out or larger voices are getting shut down or restricted. I felt it was my duty for a while now to start reaching out online to help others, however a tragedy has propelled me. When Etika, Desmond Amofah, committed suicide he spoke openly in his final video about how he got to that dark place. I tweeted in wake of this tragedy, if you reached out, I would’ve grabbed your hand. But as I said that, I realized I didn’t make it known that I could have helped him. I next thought about how many people out there must feel like him, like I did when I attempted suicide at 14, feeling like no one could help you out of that abyss.

I learned a lot over the years, especially about other humans. Our experiences are shaped within certain archetypes. I have a gift to help people out with their stories should they seek my honest advice with a receptive mind and spirit. I am only in the service of the transcendent God. I will help anyone align themselves no matter what the situation, because I genuinely wish to put you on the right path and succeed in whatever you do. Consider me like a concerned mother, sister or auntie who has deep insights. I’m inspired by Jordan Peterson’s mission to make the world a better place one person at a time and sharing my ideas so we can enhance society by putting our collective minds together to shape our future for the best.

I feel strangely responsible for Etika, as if he was my close relative or friend, even though I never met him, I recognize instinctively that I should have done more. I have been following him since I was in high school, he even resembles one of my close friends. Maybe if I had nurtured my platform earlier, I could have been reflecting my light into the world already and that would have changed things. Regardless, it is already past and I must not dawdle any longer on this. I have so much to do and catch up on, but I fully ready to take on this burden for the sake of saving the world from being consumed by darkness.

Please don’t be afraid to reach out to me if you have nobody else.

I love you, be blessed,