Brave Horatius

When I moved to Washington State, I was not sure of the kind of people I would meet. This region of the Pacific Northwest has a supportive culture for artists of all kinds. Vibrant energy radiates this land and awakens all kinds of artisans. Animal spirits, warrior starseeds, aliens, and life restarters are accepted here. … Continue reading Brave Horatius

Angel Code| Pt.2

…Good morning Felix, it is, 8:28 am December 21st 2004…scanning new files…updating system…displaying model…satelite connection stable "Hey Anny," Felix smiled feebly. He had been on the run for five years now. During his AWOL, he heard about the strange untimely deaths of his colleagues Terry, Micheal and Johnathan through secret letters from Lora and the … Continue reading Angel Code| Pt.2