Why am I a Shaman?

   I am a Shaman Initiate. That is what I’ve discovered is the best suited role for this incarnation. I came to understand this through reflection and meditation. I have wanted to be a doctor growing up as I was always interested in helping others feel better or just learning more about people. I narrowed […]

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A Letter on Love

The nature of True Love. So mysterious and desired. Yet it is so easy to fall in love. We know what it is and at the same time we do not. Well we can go a scientific route and start eliminating what it isn’t. Love is not sex or sexual. Love is not tyrannical. It […]

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The Truth

When I started Aquarius United, I knew people wouldn’t get what I was doing at first. My goals are clearly defined but may not be easily understood. It’s wrapped in a great vision I have for the future based off my observations of history and the present times not guiding us towards a better life […]

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The Initiation

Dive In Don’t hold your breath Keep Running Stretch out those legs Just Jump Don’t close your eyes Just Relax Don’t focus, just float Lose your Mind You don’t need it for this Find your soul It will be your guide Gasping and panting Feeling the pleasure in your veins Climax together Elements smash together […]

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Seeds of Paradise

How reasonable are expectations of love? Real genuine love that fills you to the brim like a perfect herbal tea when the aroma is enough to sustain you before you even take a sip? Are we even sure we can define real love in this age? It seems hard to do so these days considering […]

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Solar Eclipse

How one misses the feeling of their former self Whether it be youth, whether it was the freedom Those are our best times, when we were happy A time that was either so far away or even as recent as moments ago. Happiness is a time we cherish, a time that we wished could last […]

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Beware, Potential Lovers

Protect the ever delicate heart, which doesn’t always remember but will always feel it   An empty hole ripped into a young soul torn out in her youth, her first love, her maiden-heart forming a void hopeless to fill, demons making cozy in her whims emotionally detached, addictive sexuality, unnaturally seductive ethereal beauty walking among […]

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Seasonal Romance

Unrequited Love is like the foolish daffodil that blooms before spring fully arrives. Subject to the frost that’s still on the ground. Forced to withstand the end of winter, surviving through the wet soggy cold mornings and foggy muggy afternoons and still freezing nights that iced your delicate petals. She had a strong stalk but […]

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