I Can Do Something For You

Peace and Power

Tiffiny Sumbry,
Creator of Aquarius United

Moon, Jupiter, Saturn
Winter of 2015
Mother and Daughter Mermaid

I am a Creator, just like you. By bringing our minds together, we increase and regulate the flow of thought. The Shaman’s role as a spiritual channel is to connect the flow directly with your higher self. I can make use of tools and wisdom to find a solution. On my own, I am an artist and designer. You will find my writing and pictures on the blog. As a hobby, I draw with color pencils. I started practicing designing in 2016, I realized that I have a love for engineering the deeper I got into my spirituality. The great design of nature is the work of a Divine Engineer. By creating beautiful works, we are literally doing God’s work.

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Aquarius United is about bringing lively connection, prosperity and joy. The symbolism of the mythological Aquarius is about pouring the life giving waters to the people of the planet. Intelligence, friendship and openness are noted virtues. I am resurrecting this powerful idea. Living in harmony with nature and each other is the only way to live in true peace. The lifestyle was the way of life of the ancient peoples. I want to wake people up to the possibility of creating a beautiful life by taking control of how we connect to the Earth and to each other. We are children of God, not to be tyrannized by manmade structures of living. There is a better way to do everything. We always had the choice, so I choose to create the opportunity for options.

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