Booking and Contact

Welcome to my realm. 

I am the Magical, Melanated, Mystique you were looking for. The Shaman that can see into your soul and give you the truth you are seeking. 

With the science and art of Astrology combined with my intuitive comprehension, I provide analysis for the confusing part of spiritual development. I have a magic power to See in the dark, See through confusion and conflict, See the golden solution in a pool of problems. It is up to You to want to take action to find clarity.

I started studying astrology in this lifetime when I was a child along with other occult sciences. After 20 years of reading works, observing arts, and practicing crafts. I am a well rounded young priestess with many talents that are naturally easy for me. I can use my power to cleanse miasma from your aura and home. I can use my power to help you navigate dark corridors back to your heart. You just need to bring your will and intent to hold the torch all the way through.

My astrology readings highly valuable because of the depth of wisdom I carry in my soul. I interpret each degree point of your placements and the degrees of angles that form aspects in the astrological chart. Philosophy, mythology, and psychology hold the keys to unlocking your cosmic journey. With the combination of these elements and allowing your heart to be truthful, I can help you complete the picture of yourself.

I’m open to all kinds of clients who wish to come into Being from a divine perspective. Banish the shame and shyness, I can handle hearing your sorrows, triumphs and goals with compassion. Please allow me to fulfill my duty to help you feel the embrace of our gentle loving Universe and the light that is within you.