Difficulties and Disorganization

In 2015 I found myself on the brink of a collapse. I thought I had it all together. I was working and had started saving up a little bit but not enough to survive if my plans fell though because I just didn’t think anything could go wrong at this point. I had a nice social circle of friends, but not friends true enough who could lend a hand when things got tough. I had lovers, but not the kind that would offer the kind of comfort I was secretly seeking. My family was there for me as long as I left my growing socialite lifestyle which I was enjoying too much to just remove myself so easily when I was just starting to branch out. However, it seemed God was tired of watching me be so defiant and took a chainsaw to my life and sent me back to my mother’s home. After a short stint of bumming around, I received a few divine messages and decided to let God takeover and accept whatever felt easiest into my lap. I learned quickly that dishonesty, escapism and greed was insoluble with my renewed life path. These were lessons I needed to learn though so I could grow and be ready for my true role in this life so my soul could be satisfied in the hereafter.

So present time, my ruling planets are making major transits around me. I channel this guiding energy into all I do now. I’ve let this precious energy go to waste and misuse for most of my youth, but growing more into myself has benefited others and myself. It’s all because of God I started getting my life back together. I definitely see the divine at work in my life and my mission in this realm is to help others find their path. I speak in these Christian terms to others dismay I’m sure but I can assure you I am not dogmatic or conventional by any stretch, I’m still learning to be more flexible in my thinking but like anyone, I have some unbreakable axioms. One of them is altruistic duties. I actually believe that most people are already living under many pillars of humanist ideals, but society at large has separated from them at the peril of all those human values

I learned to reorganize my life. Starting by clearing out things, people and ideas no longer useful to me. I started reading again. I began meditating and time traveling my memories to see all that I have acquired over the years. Because I’m intuitive and I like to pull ideas from anywhere to mesh them into my life as archetypal lessons, I got this idea from Avengers Endgame. Taking a journey through my memories and plucking out the most important parts to transform me now. Even though Captain Marvel was a crappy movie, the way they displayed the flashbacks of her falling down and getting back up is how it looks when I am doing this fishing of ideals in my mind to crystallize the archetypes I was building upon throughout my life. The story telling in the marvel movies is very good at displaying archetypes though sometimes more pandering than necessary. It also inspired me to embrace my grounded heroic qualities to go along with my natural divinity. The archetypal hero has inspired me to become a savior for others. The meaning of transforming the ideal into action.

I’m still on my journey or quest but each day I grow a little more. It genuinely gives me a glowing feeling as I take each step towards my ultimate goal. Spreading this good feeling through my work in metaphysical healing and philosophical science is how my quest can be achieved. It may sound silly to some but it’s very real and certainly feels a lot better than living the underworld life. I embrace my role as a guiding light to all.


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