Flee, fly, float, get away
Quickly as possible
Get out before they catch you
Sneak away and they won’t notice

Your legs take you far
Soar to the next shore
Swim along whales to the other side
The final resting place upon thee

Muster the strength to move on
stagnation of life is like a cancer
It will kill you painstakingly slow
Cut it out to and try again to live anew

Gone beyond consciousness
Trapped birds sing mournfully
The eagle flies high and silently
Angels sing to find their kin among us

Broken wings from the fall
Blindly, sprawled and left to crawl
Reminiscent of Eden, now mortalized
Meteor shower of broken souls

Heartbreakers, manipulators, psychotics,
Too many lies told, too many lives hurt
Glass floor broken to let us fall through
Be among men and see they are worse than you


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