Beware, Potential Lovers

Protect the ever delicate heart, which doesn’t always remember but will always feel it


An empty hole ripped into a young soul
torn out in her youth, her first love, her maiden-heart
forming a void hopeless to fill, demons making cozy in her whims
emotionally detached, addictive sexuality, unnaturally seductive
ethereal beauty walking among the barely living
spirit scattered from her corpse
lady revenant seeking her soul’s lost pieces
cursed to have no grave she must escape
tasting the hearts of lovers fulfilling her cravings
addicted to sucking sweet life force to ease the ephemeral void
without it, she withers back to hallowed form
seeking a permanent source of pure love
fresh pricked blood releases sickly sweet scents of lust
a venomous bite to ensnare the body first
great swigs of pleasurable nectar, heat quivering off the frost
body drunk mind dulled she won’t go hungry for a while


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