Losing Touch

When you lose something, you notice its absence. I am not referring to losing your keys, your phone, or your wallet. What if you lost something extremely important. Such as your wedding ring, a painting, your car, your home. That’s tragic. What about your innocence, peace, friendship, and joy? You notice it’s darker even in […]

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A bitter broken heart

Romance is practically impossible for me. I’m not sure how to deal with feelings in general and romantic feelings are extremely confusing for an analytic type like me. I don’t get it being totally honest. I’m still married at the moment but can I say this is the love of my life? I’ve been in […]

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Angel Code| Pt. 3

Lora took the device over to her computer. She logged in and connected the device with the USB cable. It ran a software installer. She ran the program it installed. The device turned on and the internal mechanisms whirred near silently. Then spoke. …0…1….2…activated… A feminine figure of blue light appeared inside the device. It […]

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The Torment of Dissatisfaction

A planet of sorrows it truly is. Full of despair despite our efforts at candied decadence. Giving fat pigs and hideous hippos makeovers in attempting to create more and more beauty like never before seen, and if you squint or otherwise inebriated, they look beautiful to in some kind of way. Unique combinations of flavors […]

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Angel Code| Pt.2

…Good morning Felix, it is, 8:28 am December 21st 2004…scanning new files…updating system…displaying model…satelite connection stable “Hey Anny,” Felix smiled feebly. He had been on the run for five years now. During his AWOL, he heard about the strange untimely deaths of his colleagues Terry, Micheal and Johnathan through secret letters from Lora and the […]

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Angel Code | Part 1

… …… ….. . “0..1…2….” “I am Activated.” The voices cheered at the sound of the voice waking up. “Multiple voices detected, Camera and microphone activated, identification mode on .” The curious faces stared at the camera blinking on and rotating to look at them. There were more sounds of excitement and chatter. “Incredible, She’s […]

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To my great grandchildren,

My grandmother was extremely important in my life. Though I did not get to spend as much with her as I should have. I used to be so upset about missing out on time with her. That was before I knew her Love still embraced me when I needed comfort and protection. She made a […]

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Opening My Sacral Chakra (Pt. 1)

In healing the sacral chakra I’ve decided to become abstinent, which is connected to Venus transiting Aries as it is my natal placement. I’m a married woman so making this decision actually does affect someone else but he will benefit I will explain later on. Healing my sacral chakra is important because it is the […]

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Recovering the Root Chakra

The root chakra is represented by the Earth and the color red. Like blood for our body, the root chakra is the foundation of our spirit, the well spring of our energy. It is our connection to the ground with its location at the base of the spine where we are connected to our legs […]

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