Solar Eclipse

How one misses the feeling of their former self

Whether it be youth, whether it was the freedom

Those are our best times, when we were happy

A time that was either so far away or even as recent as moments ago.

Happiness is a time we cherish, a time that we wished could last forever

Times of pure romance and joys of friendships, we yearn for those moments

Yet the Sun goes down, the world keeps turning, time passes

The light has gone away and so has your smile

The heat vanishes and it is cold and dark

You are alone

By yourself until the Sun rises once more

What should happen if the Sun doesn’t rise for you?

Do you rub your hands together to simulate that warmth?

Should you turn on all the lights to see the garden glow?

That doesn’t work

It can only be natural

Have your friends abandoned you? Has your lover departed? What of your kin?

Your Sun cannot overpower these feelings of darkness

Depressing the sunlight with feeling of loneliness, sadness and emptiness

Look back and see that you were full of joy, full of life

You will feel that again in time

When somebody comes into your life and lights your world up

Chasing out your Sun to rise again


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