The Humble Heretic

For a long time, I have been passionate about “The Occult”, Astrology, Tarot, and ancient philosophies of international cultures. Early on in life, I rejected the standard notion of Christianity. I found the typical church culture to be vapid and vain. I will talk about it in a video though.

Just this year, I returned to a Christian church when I was lost in the sauce of life like many people are around this age (I’m 26 this year). I was in a recovery mode for the psychological flaws that I gained from my past traumas. It was a rough transition with the new marriage, new baby, new location and establishing a functioning family dynamic. My husband is only one year older than me and both of our parents have not left a good impression on how families should best operate so we were just going through trials, trust issues, and trauma healing. My husband only realized he was mildly traumatized by his upbringing last year when he finally opened up to a chaplain. He still has a long way to go in that recovery process. Only the kids and I regularly attended church. I encouraged my husband to go but he refused which says a lot about the rest of our relationship, but this isn’t the place to talk about that.

Church was a great healing experience for my mind and spirit. Mainly the open acceptance of all types of spiritual connections, the evangelical pastor preached in a way that connected the dots for me all the time. He instructed how to follow our intuitions, be proud of how we were created and awareness that we were all god’s creatures, and anyone can hear the good word and come to Christ. Every week he encouraged repentance at the altar and kindness to neighbors, especially those not within the church and to bring them into the love of Christ. It culminated in me reaching my spiritual healing by getting water baptized in front of the whole congregation. It was so lovely, and my husband attended that event. I learned a great deal with my interactions in that church and broadened my perspective.

I realized that so-called witchcraft is not evil or crazy. Modernity has forced that message on us through the patriarchal medieval attitudes that severed us from our natural being. Denying our gifts and labeling it mental illness so the priesthood could maintain their righteous power and control. I think it’s insane we lived spiritually open for thousands of years before the crusades, inquisitions, and witch-hunts. In the bible, it states that the signs and seasons are meant for us to observe the universe so we could align ourselves with the great vibration of the cosmos. We were given gifts to prophesy, art and unique talents to serve each other and the share the spirit with each other. I read the bible with an open heart and mediated over it and I heard what was meant. It was also confirmed by my interactions with reality through visions, signs, and synchronicities.

So, I dived deeper into theosophical philosophies. I studied the tarot, psychology, astrology, and medicine with a renewed intensity and understanding of the universe. I decided to become a shaman. I listened to a lot of Terrence McKenna about shamanism and the similarities of rituals across cultures. Though I have not taken a psychedelic substance yet, I have had several experiences of a profound magnitude just by smoking some weed and meditating with music. Even stronger with a glass of wine. I haven’t had it available to me before, so I took it as a sign that it just wasn’t my time yet. Now I am actively seeking it out so I can kick down the doors as McKenna would say, rather I’m ready to knock on that door because I’m sure it will open peacefully for me and I can explore in vivid color. I need to kick my ego out of the way so I can truly experience the memories of Atlantis and get in direct contact with the higher dimension.

I know this is important work I’m doing otherwise the path would’ve shut itself off to me. The straight narrow path isn’t one you cut down with brute force. The gates will just present itself to you. Sometimes you start climbing a mountain and you slide all the way back down to the bottom because you were fighting against gravity instead of your own ego. You can’t just follow the same route as someone before you. Jesus walked his path as it appeared to him, he avoided temptations and sins and kept moving forward even as others disliked him for going against the grain. Why shouldn’t we follow that example? Stand up for the truth. Speak up against injustices. Be compassionate. I believe the best way for me to accomplish all the good things and use my gifts to their highest is by taking this route. I encourage every person to heed the 10 commandments and walk your path honestly. Find your true self, temper your soul and personality, and develop your individual talents. We are all unique and we need to break away from society’s enforced conformity and disregard of the divine law.

Of course, nowadays a lot of new age people have come out using their gifts for personal gains and sharing messages that you can get for free at church. There are some powerful empaths and spiritual workers actually doing great things and some are misusing their abilities. There must be a balance and it is off-kilter in this world. There’s a lot of psychic energy being wasted and doing more harm than good. I do not want to be anything like those charlatans. I don’t even feel totally comfortable marketing myself as a shaman because of the environment that has been created by the new age movement. I know that those who need me will find me, but I just dislike how saturated it has become with tarot readers and astrologers who aren’t even properly spiritual. Not that I’m a judge but I am aware of what capitalism has done to everything we care about in this world.

I know that things aren’t as they appear and taking this role will be the way I help people realize this. I have wise words to share with people who really need it. The tip of the iceberg is that I am aware of my consciousness and its journey through time and space. There are events unfolding now that confirm certain intuitions. While I am full of wisdom, I also learned it must be unlocked through proper questioning. There’s so much more than meets the eye about the reality of this world and we have been so deceived for too long.

God, the Creator, Divine, the Monad, it absolutely real. It is inconceivable to sleeping hearts, but the waves of the universe haven’t lied or fed me any bullshit. The bible is filled with truths by the transcriptions of past prophecies, but it has also been translated more times than we could count. You have to read with not with your eyes but your heart. The text holds special power, but it cannot be taken literally as if it happened just 6000 years ago when the stories, they tell are more than 10,000 years old. And the stories recorded in them are retellings of their ancient tales. I will be talking more about the myths and deceptions of the bible and the lies of western civilization on my video channels, which is a very deep rabbit hole. I will also explain more about how my total awakening was accomplished through a combination of social and individual events.

I have a Youtube and Bitchute channel (linked in the social media) so I can explain more about this web we’re trapped in. I’m also considering doing tarot and astrology videos for sharing messages with the collective. They are popular and I do enjoy them. I worry occasionally about how much of an impact I’ll make when there are so many channels doing it now but I have to remember that messages always get to those who seek them and I’m not doing it as part of a popularity contest or just to make money.

I am hard at work developing recipes for my future herbal potion shop so if you would like to support that effort, please donate. It would go directly towards buying ingredients so I could loosen the stranglehold on my husband’s money. I dislike the financial pressures of society but hopefully, we won’t have this problem before the end of our generation if we all support each other and solve the problems before it’s too late.

I hope y’all had a great solstice and may you catch many yuletide and winter blessings. Spring will be here sooner than you think.

Love and hugs for everyone


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