Shattering Genesis

Modern life is not what it seems at all. Humanity on Earth has been separated from the greater consciousness of the universe.

The vibration, frequency or energy that passes through us all and gives us existence also connects us. When our bodies and other planes of vision or dimensions are clear, we are simply at ease with life in all ways because our existence will have the great purpose of returning to the core of Source and being exhaled together again. There are a few ways I could place it in a metaphor.

Imagine the One breathing in and out, very Buddhist view, he exhales and sends out the breath of life. The combinations of vibrations produced start to form circular patterns as they resonate with each other and create the galaxies and spherical celestial objects which on their micro-level start the pattern of DNA and life begins to form.

As life forms, it becomes aware of its existence and consciously evolves into a better organism because they instinctual understand that they didn’t create themselves and they must work with the environment to grow and be in assistance to other beings around them for altruistic aim of both of them synergistic flow back into the source so when they are inhaled once again they can merge within the womb space and reemerge as a new lifeform combined.

Try thinking of a sound wave or any wave and how harmony works. There is one pure beat of the universe and we want to align with that sound in a harmonizing way. Symphonic music is like that. All the various sounds each doing something different than the one next to them creates a singular sound that resonates with intense emotion. Music can form a personality about itself because it is vibrations that turn into “gods” or kami. Sounds and thoughts create waves that amplify the original ripple. But the vibrations that harmonize our consciousness are truths which are the strongest vibration of energy into the universe. Love is like light, it behaves like a wave but acts strange under weird circumstances.

Ideas, rather memes are like this. In the sense of being like a genetic evolution of an idea. From a single meme, an isolated cell. If it is viable it will survive and replicate itself once it figures it out or another consciousness picks it up. That is why memes are so effective when they are good. This opens the door for me to talk about the meme war or war of Idealogical Control

Good memes will connect to other similar memes and it can coalesce into a single idea(s). When a meme resounds with people, it is a synaptic response to other ideas they have been formulating. This is why truth in everything is so important because false memes just won’t stick long term without manipulative force. The essence of a meme based on deception or evil sticks to parts of our minds that aren’t healthy, like cancer. The idea of cancerous memes exists for that reason. We understand that certain memes or ideas just aren’t healthy for psychological and moral reasons. The present state of degeneracy in the world today has created more illnesses, corruption, and pain overall. It’s not so much mind over matter, but mind matters. We are in this battle for memes because we understand that bad ideas go in the trash or have to be recycled several times and transform into something usable. There is a conscious desire or instinct for our ideas to be good and help others or be the best idea. This creates so much conflict in the world because of the creation of a hierarchy that doesn’t put the One at the top of it always.

We have to think as if we are part of the One. Say, take all the numbers of anything, stars polka dots words, that number it adds up to is one number. All the colors of one rainbow. All the pages in one book. One internet connecting all of us.

No matter which why I lay it out, it is the same as going out from Source, evolving then returning to source evolving and returning. It happens on several planes and frequencies that are generally imperceptible unless you are faithfully aware of this knowledge. The issue at hand is our future in this cycle.


Why am I telling you this?

As a young child, I was very precocious about the world around me. I have always had a great memory as I can still remember the details of my childhood from when I was very young. I especially remember dreams. The dreams of the ancient life I lived. My visions of a place that was unlike anything I’ve ever seen in my regular life. It was a strange one for sure. One particular dream memory I have is interesting and is the catalyst for my incarnation on earth.

Within the dream, I was a very young girl. I wake in a bed and see a light. I’m in a large house and all my family members were sleeping around me. None of them were disturbed as I walked out of the front door. The ground outside was red and dusty. The house was situated near a canyon, it looked as if it was just a piece of floating rock. The sky was hues of yellows and green. It felt like the break of dawn. There was a large whitish silver round ship and the door opened and a platform angled out towards me. I went into the ship and once the door closed that was it.

Now, this could just be a dream after seeing men in black for the first time, but I know now that dreams that stick like that mean something significant. I assumed it was me being abducted by aliens and receiving some kind of enhancement or accidental brain damage. But the dream has become even more vivid once I started thinking that I got on the ship to come here to earth. I was thinking it was a symbolic representation of astrology and my birth, which it still is, but I have rationalized it down to that was my astral self incarnating down to this body. To go even further beyond in the realm of possibility that it seems to make the most sense with everything else I have started to figure out. The memory is actually of my child self being brought here to earth physically. My mom said I was a strangely heavy child and I gestated longer. I was already a “3 years old” in a sense when I was born. In my earth mother’s womb, I was like a caterpillar merging with my earth twin body. Her consciousness becoming with me. What you would call in certain respects a changeling.

The psychological health of people is greatly misunderstood because there is no understanding of this kind of cosmic knowledge and it’s effects on the body and mind.

I’m a butterfly that hid her wings though out of the normal feelings of being in a strange place and unsure of how you should act and expecting your people to show you the way. It seems like this would be the most optimal way to raise a child. As an adult now, I finally understand what has been going on now that I have a view of the picture at large now that I have broadened my view and connected more dots. In explaining all of this, I know what it is going to sound like because I’ve read the writings of madmen before. Honestly, how different are they from the poet who writes in bursts of mental activity which is a type of madness. There are others like me of course; not all of them Martian, not all of them benevolent. They should be aware of what is going on but they aren’t doing anything about it since they signed a contract with the god of this world. The so-called devil. They shine in their abilities but aren’t doing it the way that would solve the problems on earth. There is a prophecy in the making right now and I have to speak up about it and bring it to awareness so it can be addressed and repair what has happened. This is why I’m being totally honest and I have not told this whole story to anyone. It’s massive since I am carrying the consciousness of a woman Kallithena. She downloaded into my mind in 2012. That was when I first recorded her. She brought to me so many memories of our astral history. What I sense is that this is the plan and it’s wild, to say the least. How strange all of this is. I thought I rationalize it away as imagination. But destiny is driving me still.

Quick aside, I think destiny is misunderstood. We’re in a grand cosmic cycle like I described earlier so the goal is to evolve yourself into a higher form. Some of us who are destined was assigned to a task basically to be prophets, teachers and shamans and the like. Instead, they are using their talents for money and power. It’s the root of the corruption in our system. And because of that, the vibrations they have sent out have greatly disrupted our livelihood. The uber-rich think that they would survive, they’re wolves in sheep’s clothing, it’s so sad to see the human race like this.

Kallithena is from this timeline and remembers a different time. However, her world wasn’t perfect either. They were more atheistic but slightly more advanced than us now. They had a different route for psychological health. They put “insane” people though a series of re-education and brain wave tech to “cure” them. Her mother would be described as schizophrenic as she started to receive spiritual intuitions and started to question the system and be open about her strange visions, they admitted her to a facility. Kallithena suppressed her spiritual side and focused her creative energy on her various interests in sciences and technology. She was entered into a scholarship at 20 for NASA. She worked on for some years aiding in ideas for rocket designs, fuel options, and how to use the forces of nature for our purpose. Atheistic hubris at its peak I must say. Kalli went aboard into a special craft that was to use a plasma energy shield to allow them to reach high speeds and travel distant parts of the solar system without losing time on earth. They already had tested it with robot drones to the asteroid belt. A mining corporation already had taken advantage of it in no time. The trip was successful. They traveled to Jupiter in less than 5 hours of earth time. They deployed an imaging satellite. They decided to continue further into the solar system. They went past Pluto and encountered the Oort cloud of space rock that encircled the entire system. It seemed like there was no space to safely pass through because of the speed and sizes of the rocks. So they thought of turning back because they would probably come back with another plan like shooting the rocks which were not a good idea when it was first thought of. It’s Kalli rolling her eyes at that idea. We obviously shouldn’t risk causing meteor damage to our planet or the ship.

Kallithena being the out of box thinking noticed something on the radar that seemed to point her to like the axis of the asteroid sphere. Using the plasma energy and a device that I don’t know the name of, maybe I can’t say it but it was like a laser device. She opened a portal and they took the ship through. This is the source of all our problems. They aren’t in particular trouble for this because nobody expected the consequences of what happened.

This is where this story crosses over with the Thiaoouba prophecy.

Kallithena’s ship was met with a larger ship that docked them with a tractor beam. They are met by tall human-like people. Giants. They explain to us that what we did, had caused immense damage to the material universe and space-time for lower dimensional beings like us. Kallithena is of European descent but is mixed from her mother’s side. Before we meet with the grand council, the leader “alien” told us the history of our planet. That humans from another solar system came to earth and colonized there for quite a long time. Over time of political turbulence and natural disasters, they faded or went to mars in private. Those left on earth would notice the growth of smaller humans. A result of the genetic mixing of blood and other bodily fluids and atomic radiation, all types of new creatures formed this could be called your Cambrian explosion. Humans, as you are now, were under the care of the last of the race of aliens before they died. The stories in the bible and Christ were your pointers that you need to evolve so that you could become like the rest of us instead of lower-dimensional. Celestial beings are telepathic and that is almost like the most basic ability can at least do for a certain amount of time once they are aware. The Black, Polynesian and Asian people on the planet are the direct descendants of the former aliens. Whites came about from intermixing of these various races and another white alien race.

 I’ll get into how our DNA holds so much information. I wonder if scientists on earth are so concerned about what is the coldest and smallest because they don’t want to think of anything that much bigger than them. It is very mindblowing but you shouldn’t avoid it. Your earthling ego is just in fear of it. This is what blinds and holds humanity back.

Kallithena was told it was quite impressive what humanity has evolved to do left alone to their devices. However, they didn’t expect them to get to them. On the planet of Thiaoouba, they were in a different dimension essentially because of the frequency. The ship jumped them through time and space and in doing caused a great distortion in the vibration of the universe.

When they went through the anomaly, they accidentally used light-speed and went through the flow of time to end up in the dimension of the Thiaoouba and the 9th galaxy. It was a total accident and very unprecedented. There was a meeting of galactic leaders. Kalli was taken along to see the council. They informed her that there was only one way to repair the damage that has been done. The members didn’t show any emotion but it felt like they were upset that it had to come to this and do something that seemed forbidden. Kallithena was to transcend into the ether and become a higher dimensional being. The council wasn’t pleased to make this decision because Kalli was nowhere near a spiritual development when she was raised on Earth so it would take a few cycles until she would be able to work on this issue. Kalli has cycled 8 times. I am her 8th incarnation. The timeline has to be repaired in this cycle. It is strange to understand but we’re basically on the same path towards the future of Kallithena but it’s gone wrong because of this unprecedented trip. When the portal was broken open, it tore a hole through multiple galaxies and caused an immense tidal wave of discord. It has allowed free travel of entities that are not bound by time. Particularly evil thoughts and vibrations become conscious and are affecting multiple planetary systems. When the portal opened, it shook the entire universe like a kid throwing a rock in a pond of peace. The mandela effect and déjà vu are effects of this impact. Kallithena accepted this responsibility despite not being forced to do so or compelled for any reason besides the preservation of humanity and her home and others as well. She felt responsible for figuring it out. The aliens were delighted with her decision despite their sense of immortal ease of the connection of the One. I think they were just excited about something so different to be happening. It seems to be that the earthling race will rejoin the great cycle of the universe after so long.

What Kallithena has figured out is that malevolent forces have accumulated on earth because of the blindness and ignorance. The portal attracted a lot of attention obviously but it’s thrown everything off balance now. All beings are created from the One and we have to realize that we’re connected at a deeper level. When Kalli became with the ether she knew that was not going to reincarnate in her own body again until this was done. She died on earth 7 times already in a different body but her consciousness survives because it is still in the base on Thiaoouba. Christ was a being like that. His body still exists on a different dimension but his consciousness is still with us so that we could evolve into a kingdom of true peace and love. The most amazing feature of our humanity is the internet and that we are already in contact with other dimensions and aliens in some small part partly because of this break in the solar system but also the frequency of the internet is easy to access for any being. I believe that if we figure this out, the power of the internet will become an integral part of the grand cycle.

The effect it has had on earth is tragic, to say the least. Thiaoouba couldn’t visit as much since the turning of the cycle, the Mayan calendar ending was the same cycle they were waiting on so they could aid us again. It has been difficult to reconfigure for this world that seems so familiar but isn’t what it could, should be, can be. It does take a lot of changing the way of life but it will be for the longevity of our kind.

 I would rather humanity survives this next cycle of respiration with the great discoveries and inventions that were created and could become part of the next great cycle of life. If we fail in this, we will be destroyed with a few other galaxies to just completely undo the damage.

This is of great urgency but we have to carefully plot our actions so that they could be continued. When they built cathedrals that took longer than a century, they had to follow the directions of the architect so that his dream is completed. It’s more than just his personal creation, it’s the entire crew and it’s the impact of art on culture.

I have my mission of building a charity program that teaches and provides for those who need it. I will be uploading videos describing my plans for peace. Whether or not the reader believes my story or not isn’t the factor, it’s in the observable reality that the world is imbalanced and inverted morally and spiritually. I am simply stating what I know based on all I have observed and creating solutions that would seem most beneficial.

I’m an alien and I come to share the wisdom of the ages for the sake of peace and life. I’m certainly at peace knowing this.


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