Activating the Subconscious

I have had vivid dreams my whole life.

My mother is Haitian and is deeply spiritual. She used to read tarot cards all the time when I was little but she stopped later on. I don’t know why. She always kept the cards though. I suspect it had to with the conflict most people have with their religion and their spirituality. It’s what I felt as I went to church. I felt church aided in the process of my spiritual growth, but the strict Catholic church my mom grew up under feels very strongly about having your own way to Christ and non religious spirituality.

But the ancient culture still informs the world around us to know that dreams are spiritual mysteries that hold keys to our lives. My mom took dreams of misfortune very seriously. Dreams of various items or people meant that you should contact them or what that object would mean. We all know that story of dreaming of fish means someone is pregnant. (I wonder what fishing communities think of that one lol.) So she basically taught me to pay attention to what my dreams are telling me. She knows of course of my natural dream energy. She probably had a powerful dream when she was pregnant with me. She knows that I have always had deep dreams and clairvoyant ability. My uncle would always get numbers to play the lottery from me. I think I have royalties due for my predictions.

Dreams have guided my life. It’s like leaving mars was my first real dream and it’s like the explanation for my life. Whatever reason I had that dream, it was for the purpose of shaping my perspective of my life. I dream of Kallithena constantly. It’s like in Death Stranding when he wakes from a rest and I have flashes of memory from her life. Information of all kinds. Random memories that are entwined with her life triggered by visuals in my life. It is strange but interesting. I wonder how many other people feel this way. I experience a lot of what psychology would call mental illness. However I have a close awareness of my emotions and can control them because I’m aware of what is triggering it. I meditate deeply to achieve a psychedelic state of visualization. When I start getting vivid daydreams it’s time for a meditation, I do them on the regular but I’m a stay at home mom so staying on schedule can get missed up. I used to be so good about managing my time. I have to get back into a better routine. Particularly a good sleeping routine so I can dream. I feel like if I didn’t dream a little bit, I haven’t had good sleep. The sleeping set up with my daughter in our bed has created turmoil for my mood because I haven’t been getting enough deep sleep. I am still dreaming regularly though when I get uninterrupted rest. Especially mediating before bed. I have to balance my smoking habit as well because marijuana has an effect on dreaming ability. Weed is very grounding and awakening so its better suited for deep meditation than a sleep aid for me. Mugwort and Chamomile tea are great for better dreaming and a better rest. Especially since mugwort is a little bitter so chamomile makes it lighter tasting. In combination they are a great match. Blue Lotus tea is very good for visions as well.

It is a powerful gift. I usually get answers for most things. Sometimes it’s an answer for a question later on. Disney movies usually have songs about dreams and true love and wishes. It’s totally right how they connected in a way we can’t really understand at a material level. Dreams are thoughts from our heart that don’t get any screen time in your waking day. “A dream is a wish our heart makes when we’re fast asleep”. It’s why it feels better to sleep with our legs elevated so they blood passes from our heart to brain easily. Your feet in the air gives the affect of weightlessness which aids in deep rest. True loves dream of each other. That’s what the magic of true love in those stories are. They are connected by heart frequency, the power of love. It can be felt easily in our deep dreams. When you get out of your way and follow your heart, it will guide you exactly where you need to go. That is what trusting your intuition does. It clears the path. When your compass is pointed towards the truth, it will never lead you the wrong way.

One vivid dream experience happened when Neptune turned direct last summer. I was over my sister’s house helping out as she was about to have a baby. I had a dream about the big blue king of dreams and he was telling me to listen to my dreams more. I was like that was weird but then without even saying anything about it, that day, obviously having the dream the night before, my sister played Joseph, King Of Dreams. The second youngest of Israel’s sons who became pharaoh by never losing faith in his god given ability. His solid faith in what his dreams were telling him was what protected him through all the trouble mankind brought to him. When I think about my passionate vision for myself and my business, I keep the same faith. My dreams, or yours, won’t come true if I don’t go to the place my dream is telling me to go. If we want to become unicorns, we have to get to the top of the mountain, that includes all the steep side cliffs, random landslides, unpredictable and predators. We have to overcome all of that to accomplish our goals. It’s not possible for the top of the mountain to come to you no matter how much you pray, complain or procrastinate. I have no place to criticized procrastination when it’s my worst trait and I’m working on it. It’s knowing I have that handicap that helps though. Recognizing my specific personality traits helps me know how I’m going to take my next steps up. I’m becoming more graceful as I climb. I know that I can’t be anyone other than who I was born as so it makes no sense to try to follow someone else’s path directly. None of us ever have the same path, there is one destination and that is towards heaven, nirvana, or whatever term for ultimate peace.

The absolute best way to interpret your dreams, is to apply it to your waking life. The symbols, the people, conversations. It all connects to something in your waking life that you need to make aware. The anecdotes that pop into your mind when you think of something are connected by a common thread which is yourself so you must realize where you stand in that link. Ask yourself honest personal questions and the answers will manifest immediately if you pay attention. In Bruce Almighty he asked for a sign from god and a huge truck with flashing signs appears and he just goes around it towards his doom. Big example of what not to do in that situation. You ask. You Listen and Look. Your senses will guide you appropriately, just trust that you will get what you wish for if you really want it. Break out from the box of restrictions that this sick culture wants to keep you trapped in their nightmare so they can sap your spiritual energy. Own your whole self and become awakened to the truth that it’s way too complicated inside these cults and tyrannies and it’s still complicated on the outside but at least you know what’s going on with yourself.

Sweet dreams


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