Recovering the Root Chakra

The root chakra is represented by the Earth and the color red. Like blood for our body, the root chakra is the foundation of our spirit, the well spring of our energy. It is our connection to the ground with its location at the base of the spine where we are connected to our legs which is the physical contact with the Earth. It is where the seed of our soul is planted. The first principles we base our virtues and morals for life.

From the beginning of building ourselves, we naturally flow our strongest channels but it effects how we design our foundations. I’ve been reading about soil and garden care recently so this meditation on root chakra is aligned with that vibe. Tending a garden is one of the best metaphors for many aspects of our lives. The themes of nature are always appropriate no matter how cliched they may become. In bonsai, the taming of nature is a feature. Bonsai trees can be over 300 hundred years old and very healthy as it has been taken care of over the generations. It ties in closely with Asian culture about links to ancestors. The soil of a bonsai plant must be changed routinely so that the plant stays healthy. It is a blend of mosses, clay, and dirt that nourish and protect the roots. The roots are important for the health of the entire plant. The soil needs the right balance of materials so the growth continues at the proper rate.

This is the same method of healing and restoring the root chakra. The fear, anxieties, worries and guilt that have accumulated in the roots is making the rest of the body ill. Not that I’m speaking as a medical professional, but we can heal ourselves just by digging out all the junk that are clogging our veins. We have to take the whole tree out of the pot and shake off that old diseased dirt. It may seem a callous to do that to a gentle creature but it is necessary for it to keep growing in a healthy manner. If you didn’t do this regularly, the branches and leaves would begin to shrivel, droop and wither because old dirt isn’t holding any nutrients. The water just pools instead of soaking into the roots. The soil dries quickly because the molecules are broken up after being depleted. This routine of changing the soil and the pot of the bonsai is necessary for its longevity.

We do need to do that with our spiritual and physical bodies to restore our energy. We are always growing no matter what age we are, if we want to keep living longer and healthier, we have to take the same mentality of a plant. What do we need to shake loose from our roots that only just gumming up our pores? What do we need to release from the process so our cycle keeps refreshing for eternity? What material focuses are toxic to our existence? When you are clearing out the roots, you’re also airing them out. Deep breaths from our roots, breathe from your toes. Your path is discovered from your movement. How are you moving in the world towards your total enlightenment? It starts at the roots.

Remember what drove you as a young child. For me, I was a nature child. I enjoyed playing outside and with the elements. I was always interested in turning on my magic powers and using them to help the world. I liked to create rivers and channels with the water hose in the tilted backyard or dig up a mountain. I loved to read. It was my escape and my introduction to different ideas. Fantasy taken to it’s extremes. I love fairy and Celtic lore. I love the youkai/ayakashi stories in anime. I was always aware of invisible forces. My family roots in spirituality and breaking loose the society imposed norms about spirituality. I listened closely to my inner child who is so wise about the truth. I think about the darnedest things I used to say and wonder why my childhood intuition was so strong about nature and spirit. I had a sense of what I would do in my life. I wanted to be a doctor even since I was a kid. However I am filled with a lot of passion. I could’ve endured the arduous years of medical school but that didn’t seem to be on my specific path. I wanted to integrate all my talents. During this root chakra meditation, I pulled out weeds and burrowed parasites. I feel so much lighter without the weight of useless mud blocking me. Now that my roots are getting settled into fresh soil, I can turn on the water elements and set it out in the sun again. I am still certain about this path I’ve forged myself but it’s like a good chiropractic visit. My hips feel loosened like I could play all day. This must be how it feels to be a sapling finally out of the pot and freshly planted into the earth. It’s like a surge of energy shooting up my legs into my nerves, activating my homeostasis process. The mission isn’t over yet. The purpose of this tree is to produce fruit to nourish the minds of others.

Next in the recovery is the sacral chakra. The water element and the center of creative forces. The gate between the root and sacral is opened by knowing what kind of plant you are. What seed did you plant and how can you nourish it? How much water does this plant need? If you aren’t careful, you’ll drown or dry out with a reckless watering schedule.


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