To my great grandchildren,

My grandmother was extremely important in my life. Though I did not get to spend as much with her as I should have. I used to be so upset about missing out on time with her. That was before I knew her Love still embraced me when I needed comfort and protection. She made a home for me to be able to run to in times of trouble. She filled the house with books so I could share in her knowledge. She left the image of beauty and love with the pictures on the walls. It was like she knew my language, like she was thinking of me when I discovered something on the bookshelf. Strange as it may seem, it teaches a very important lesson about nature and what is written survives a lot better. A major lesson I have also learned is the importance of dreams.

I wrote about my dream of your life. I saw your whole life and it was amazing and I’m so delighted you are more than I could ever expect. My Love truly shows in your life. There were many steps I was proud you took. I wish I could’ve caught you when you fell sometimes, but let a cushion of my love protect you in those times of trouble, the hands of all the mothers before you soften your fall, and reach for the hand of your father to pick you up with all his strength as his fathers before. Learn from your siblings and peers who you are for we are all brothers and sisters in the eyes of the Most High.

The times ahead it will be difficult to express yourself honestly because of how this world deceives us. There is a battle your heart and mind always. Death is not an ending or a time for great sorrow but your turn to continue the legacy of your family and community. Be happy the soul is liberated and their presence will always be felt. The spirit that inhabits all of our bodies connects to one source. The source everything came from and returns to. Nature is the balance that shifts on a regular basis. What shifts depends on what is out of balance. Life ends in death. The dead returns to life. Justice is swift.

There will be times when you are faced with an ultimatum and your life might be on the line, it will be totally unfair because you would rather not at all, however no matter what, make the right choice just as you always have. Don’t compromise with evil, don’t be fooled. Sometimes the little bit of gold they hang in front of you is meant to lure you to a false treasure. That little bit of a sweet can crack your armor permanently. A little bit of rope might snap on your weight. Snakes, rats, and bugs will slip in if they find an opening. Keep an open mind within earshot, the horse needs space to run but also kept in your ownership.

Dreams become our stories. Reality becomes our myths. People become archetypes. Labels are necessary yet exhaustive. Some things are left unsaid because they are better explained through experience, but it takes wisdom to know what you should never do and what has not been done before. The Nature will always speak and the angels deliver from the Most High.

I pray for your health and I hope you listen well, I love you with all my heart my darling. We all love you. you’re special and you will change the world I’m sure of it. Reading is important so do lots of it, gain knowledge of the world and read yourself, learn who you are inside. Whenever you are feeling troubled, call to your family in your heart.

I’m writing from one side of a generation giving you all the timeless advice that helps in any era of time. I can’t be too sure that these lessons will reach you orally, but written down it surely will. Sometimes the problems with stories is that they can get muddled up with other tales and you won’t know which version of the story is real. As long as the truth of it still exists, it will have to do because there’s no other option in a world full of lies.

I’m working in my youth to help the world move in a better direction before you get here and maybe there won’t be so much trouble to worry about. It seems to be the people who think they control the world want to impose more pressure on us, but they never had and never will control us. We are instruments of God first of all and we seek no other master. Our works should be for our own creative abilities to shine their brightest and collectively to work in harmony with ourselves and nature. It’s a time a of darkness these days because a shadow is being cast but that doesn’t stop the pure, true Light from reaching us as long as we keep in contact with it. Love is the strongest connection you can make, so it’s very important to treat others with kindness and value their intelligence.

My darling, I love you so very much. Be strong and have faith.


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