Losing Touch

When you lose something, you notice its absence.

I am not referring to losing your keys, your phone, or your wallet.

What if you lost something extremely important.

Such as your wedding ring, a painting, your car, your home.

That’s tragic.

What about your innocence, peace, friendship, and joy?

You notice it’s darker even in the summer. A constant mountain mist.

When you lose a friend, a lover, a family member

It is like an abyss that swallows you up with that emptiness

With others’ help, they may fish you out before you become a monster of the deep

A lot of us have lost our Self

You’re not really sure when it went missing, seems to have slipped away

Amid the Distraction, A void programmable body remains

If you can remember who you are

You will find more than Self

What if we lost the Moon, or Venus, or Earth

Imagine the imbalance in the solar system

It would take a theoretical billion years to harmonize again

The gravity of Loss is felt at every dimension. Under deep stagnant waters

We sink not even wishing to rise again, ignoring the safety bell

Creating our own Hell at the center of the Earth

Could you rise at the first sign of Light? All you have to do is reach out to grab it

The touch is important, touching with your hearts is the clue,

Touch is truly the only sensation

To lose touch is terrifyingly dark

To touch again is ethereal fear

Filling the void feels like a betrayal

Courage to Love is the only way to heal that space


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