Seasonal Romance

Unrequited Love is like the foolish daffodil that blooms before spring fully arrives. Subject to the frost that’s still on the ground. Forced to withstand the end of winter, surviving through the wet soggy cold mornings and foggy muggy afternoons and still freezing nights that iced your delicate petals. She had a strong stalk but her petals hardly survive the climate and the bud dies. She would regrow her blossom, though from the bud again, she bloomed again in season of viridian romance.

Obsessive Love is like the wild dandelion that blooms suddenly but is pretty enough not to pluck from your garden. It grows larger and more obtrusive to other flowers in the garden. Their roots spread out and block other plots from surviving, drinking and eating all the resources you provide. Their blossom starts to appear in other parts of your garden, starting to become uncontrollable. The only way to get rid of it is by ripping it out by the roots and not leaving one piece behind or it may start to rapidly grow again. A summer scourge with cute petals, once it grows in your garden, it will be ugly but replanting is easy.

Fading Love is like the old ivy covered Oak, that still appears to be standing despite the invader stealing from its health, the parasite that is ignored as it grows on the mighty tree. The Oak once stood proudly but now has become shrunken and shriveled, drained by a partner that its life force. The ivy grows strongly in their bliss. untamed it creeps higher to the crown. Fully engulfed by the sickening plant, the Oak cannot survive for long with his sunlight and roots stolen from it. He dies inside leaving a shell where the ivy formed over, hiding what’s happening beneath. It is noticed too late that the original Oak passed on.

New Love is like a fierce storm in the tropics, intense and overwhelming all at once, but always turns peaceful once the equilibrium is found for these forces to exist. Hot and cool winds crash together that swirl in the warm and refreshing tropical air. Elements get tossed up and new materials are formed through sheer power of the energy generated. Usually gentle breezes now are ripping trees from their roots with destructive might. As these wild energies dance with each other, they find their medium and dissipate as one wind. they become one as a delicate gale in a palm tree.



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