The Truth

When I started Aquarius United, I knew people wouldn’t get what I was doing at first. My goals are clearly defined but may not be easily understood. It’s wrapped in a great vision I have for the future based off my observations of history and the present times not guiding us towards a better life for all humans. It is fueled by my emotional connection to humanity.  I have a vivid imagination and desire to learn many complex subjects. I have a great urge to know all these things so I can solve the problems of life in different forms and cross over ideas. The term Jack of all trades but Master of none comes to mind. I want to be the master of the integration of skills into one great superpower of healing wisdom.

Sharing love with the world seems impossible to the hearts weakened by darkness. It is a real force that drives my mission. Sharing the truth about the nature of this world and the reason we’re here. Sharing ideas in how to improve the world by combining ancient traditions and modern technology into effective tools for my practice. I humbly present myself as a healer. I have a strong desire to save love in this world from fading away. To stop art, music and greenery from being destroyed by corporate globalist interests.

I used to be afraid that my dream wasn’t big enough, but I learned that my story is what will transform the world. By telling the story of what I see. I manifest it with my voice and spirit. By adding my narrative to the minds of us all, it transforms our thinking. Like updating the software or looking at a perspective from a neutral futurist type of vision. I know my vision of the future is very possible, but it takes realizing that we can do things in life that are based on an image of the future. We can work our way towards whatever we like if we make the right steps and follow the appropriate signs that lead to the goal.

By just straight forwardly following my dreams and intuition, my world around me has been at a certain level of contentment but not yet peace. Those are my doubts, but it is also the stability of the world around me. I may be a pillar of my own, but none cling to me in the storm so to speak. I am a Guidestone that others turn away from. Fear of the truth is what drives emotions. Sins of this world is what feeds on the energy they antagonize. Though I am 1, I know that I am one of many who also have these insights and understand that I must communicate it in a way that is creative and in many forms. The truth comes to me in many forms, it has so many ways to be expressed. It is mercury. Solid in it being 1 element but transformable by the container it can take. We look at great art and see truths in them. We read it in great novels and find meaning in poetry. The archetypes are a set of truths that we recognize. The “gods” of this world have tried to hide the truth but the Truth gaining strength again by holders of faith.

I stated my purpose as such based on my experiences and the observations of other people lives. The clues people leave in their conversations lead to their inner psychology. People need help to dig out their stories and I’m aware of my role to use stories to heal old wounds. My life’s story was made for me to accomplish this. It’s not easy making a living as a shamanic healer but nobody else is doing it, it seems. Not in the way I see myself doing it though.

I have a few goals that’s possible yet challenging. I wanted to become a connection of local businesses. So, as a way of establishing that mission, I thought of opening an apothecary where different professionals like gardeners, medical practitioners, salesman, jewelry makers and the like could sell in my store. I would have specific suppliers and that would be the small-scale version of what I would like to build on a large-scale level. People becoming self-producers and smaller stores. Small businesses suffer nowadays with costs in shipping “big brand” products to their stores when big supermarkets can ship it in at high bulk and sell at “low” costs. Smaller plants have been bought and conglomerated into the corporate machine. Smaller producers can’t even survive anymore because of this fact. They must compete with the alleged convenience of supermarkets in a market they’ve purposely monopolized. Corporate greed is literally sucking all the wealth out of smaller communities then play low wages to those working in their stores and hide money in offshore accounts. I believe this format of teaching others to gain skills or become producers of goods would naturally level out the playing field as we learn to be reliant on ourselves and each other. The value would be in the love of your neighbors.

Here’s an example if the idea is sounding too abstract. In a standard neighborhood, everyone has a front and back yard. Each home could grow a variety of plants. Some homes could raise goats or chickens. Then within that community there’s enough food for everyone to share. The process of nature is everlasting when it is carefully maintained. I know that not everyone is gardener or a farmer, but we could start teaching those skills at a basic level to all. Some are hunters, they can go out and hunt a few animals and there would be enough to feed an entire town without taking too much. The earth is always providing. Now we have technology to save our food longer so we would be able to create a perfect balance of allowing nature to grow before it is harvest season again. Naturopaths and cooks could easily get ingredients locally or, once this marketplace is established globally, from an international supplier. Internationally this idea is perfect because people could keep their personal cultures while sharing their products. This would be easily accomplished because of the power of the internet. Also, when we eliminate the corporate and government sins, it would free us all from the bonds of consumerism and the danger of communism. The mental freedom from any ideology would allow everyone to do what they are naturally inclined to do. Artists would be able to create whatever they like because they would be filled with love and inspiration all the time without devoting their energy to a self-proclaimed overlord. Technology is our ability to create new things to adapt to living. We don’t realize how powerful we are with these tools and “They” are doing whatever they can to keep us from realizing this essential truth of our humanity. The vision of a balance of nature and our modern technology so beautiful and profound to our evolution.

I pray that my mission launches into the world soon, but I need all the help I can get in this process. This mission is to help everyone else. I see the problem so clearly in the world of power structures, false hierarchies and mass deceptions. It is so fragile that it will collapse on itself eventually, but we don’t have to completely fall into chaos without a beacon to guide us to better waters. My sweet Jordan Peterson is one of those guides to sorting ourselves out in this world but even he struggles with it because hasn’t broken free of the structures that have created the problems we observe in the world. I didn’t believe in twin flames until I started listening to him. I feel like we’re on the same mission in life to save the world by helping people realize their own potential to do more. My mission though is to change the structures so we can operate freely. Before my love for Jordan came, I fell in love with Christ. My big brother Christ was trying to do the same thing and I learned everything from him. I have faith that it can be accomplished because it is what people are starving for. We keep trying to sustain ourselves on the childish pleasures that present day culture serves us. It’s like eating GMO foods. Sure, it’s food, but it isn’t nutrient rich like when it comes from the earth and is given time to grow to maturity.

Aquarius United is about restoring humanity. The garden of Eden needs tenderness and Love.

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