Seeds of Paradise

How reasonable are expectations of love? Real genuine love that fills you to the brim like a perfect herbal tea when the aroma is enough to sustain you before you even take a sip? Are we even sure we can define real love in this age? It seems hard to do so these days considering how the media and society gives us a dirty lens to view it with.

What is Love? We can not define it in earthly terms try as we might. Humanity has been trying to display it in some form since the first idea sprung up eons ago. When Eve first loved, it was also the same instance she was heartbroken. She plucked a fruit for her man after conquering nature and his response was disdain and they fell. How capable are we of understanding Love in this consciousness? It seems simple but we know that the underlying psychological and cultural patterns are more complicated and so far, deep we don’t know the root. However, we embrace in many forms.

The lower vibrations of pleasure-seeking bodily desires and high vibes of self-love and divine connection. Western Christianity has shifted our focus away from our animal instincts in some hope they will just indoctrinate it away. Society commodifies it in advertising and propaganda equating your ability to love on material successes. Marriage isn’t about being together anymore but is a tool to advance in your career and social ladders. Relationships barely exist these days with the ideal being a successful bachelor/bachelorette with money and no family and no monogamy to hold you back from sexual indulgences. That’s not the kind of balance humans need.

So how do we address the issue?

Hedonism isn’t going away anytime soon, and abstinence messages will be lost on the ears of the nihilistic. People who are deep in the lower frequencies will need to re-tune themselves to achieve the kind of self-love that will make them resilient to hedonist guilty pleasures. However, it’s not possible to have both and be happy. Spirituality gets spit on only because it requires you be aware of what energies you’re picking up and when you just want instant gratification, you don’t want to think about the consequences later. It is healthier to have this mindfulness about yourself, but impulsive brains will reject this idea immediately.

It’s the reason why your anxiety is so high though. You aren’t thinking clearly about yourself. Your mind wants to make your body better, but you must listen to what is good for you and not just what others tell you should make you feel better. This is an advice blog but I’m being purely suggestive towards moving in a better direction but one that you find for yourself. Lead a horse to water but they’ll figure out what they want to do themselves. Not that I have a true understanding of real love, but I think I’m getting closer to figuring it out every time I encounter those feelings.

Love is the perfect pattern. It is when the stars are aligned. When your heart beats in sync with a deeper vibration that at the same time lifts you up. Love is truth. Pure love hurts because you know there is nothing like it in this imperfect world so when you encounter it you feel it in your DNA activating genes you can’t force awake. It’s dark with one twinkling star at the center, attainable and astronomically distant. It can’t just be manifested on its own either, the unique thing about love is that is requires a duality. Even with self-love, it’s not you superficially infatuated with yourself, it is you loving the divine that gave your life to love. Love is like striking a match to a flame that doesn’t ever go out. Love is light. It is darkness. It’s God and humanity. Chaos and order having elegant sex at dawn’s break. It is the Rapture. Love will save your life and transform it. Love isn’t erotic. Love isn’t a product. It’s nothing that could be conceptualized except in the birth of a child, newlywed virgins, random children holding hands in a dancing in a circle. It knows no true concept except the mission to connect all of us together in a form of love for our close neighbors.

Christianity tried to teach the world how to love. Given how ideological the world is and corruption of power of love, it has only created a vast amount of hate throughout that has made the world a worst place despite living in the best of times. Love of mankind wasn’t one of the ingredients used to build the foundations of the West. Dominion over the earth and control of humanity was though. Power always corrupts, but love purifies. Love is so merciful and it’s a shame that most people don’t see that because they are so consumed by the dark triad of personality traits.

Narcissistic, arrogant and hateful people try to tell us what love is because they want it so badly for themselves only to realize that they can’t force a change in the definition of emotions in how we express them. Some things are simply defined by emotions and can’t be put into words or institutions. We find many of our problems with life today are because of these qualms that have not been appropriately questioned. I did a long video about this portion of the idea, but we have denied love for ourselves greatly by attempting to force a new definition based on language.

How do we save true love so our future isn’t burned away by hateful demonic forces?

Luckily, love grows naturally when the weeds and seeds of hate are raked away. It can grow anywhere, in any condition, in any person. How does it get cultivated though? We can plant the seed anywhere, but it must be nurtured until it bears fruit and you can share with others the glorious bounty. Love must be grown first in any field and every crop after that will be double as long as the love is real, it has a natural fertilizer effect with any encounter. Plant a seed of love in your own heart and don’t let anyone into the garden until the fruit ripens. When that happens, you can then do anything you wish with it because nothing bad can come out of it.

Nurture your tree with water (healthy positive emotions), sun (mind’s light) and nutrients (physical vitality) and your own hope it will be bountiful. Faith is probably the biggest secret ingredient. It’s faith that the seed you plant will grow and be nutritious to others in some form. If you have no faith, you wouldn’t even begin the process, so it is important to hold on to that the entire way through. Even through the winters, thieves, and other outside influences, your faith will keep that seed strong enough until you get it to grow. Think of the seed like your inner child or your own child (do both), and you’ll realize how much care it really needs to blossom as beautifully as possible.

So now you’ve done the hardest part, it will be so easy to keep up the crop if you stick to the single discipline of having faith in the power of your seed to keep supplying. Your fruit could become anything. It could become a family you share with and then those seeds get spread among the community. And their gardens will prosper with those good seeds from the good fruit and the entire nation becomes a healthy forest where the aroma of love fills the air and can be plucked on any road. Outside the metaphor, healthier communities will come from a literal and metaphorical return to a close-knit agrarian lifestyle. Smaller farms for each region instead of a massive corrupt corporate farm feeding us all cloned seeds with no nutritional value. When we know where it comes from, we can trust it. It is certainly obvious that from a distance we get strange silhouettes of each other though we know them to still be a person, the technology we have now separates us even more as we stay inside letting the “State” handle our own gardens or letting apathy’s vines cover it all. This is literal if you look at some overgrown hoods now.

It is very difficult task presently to germinate that seed without letting hate corrupt the ground. You must protect it like a child and get it beautiful and strong so it can keep growing on its own and it can spread its seeds of love. We are human though and error will occur but if your faith is stronger, it will grow so beyond yourself. We will all look at the rainforest we planted 10 years ago and all our families playing in all the branches with joy that we actually made that first step so long ago. Like in jack and the beanstalk, they’ll laugh at us for sacrificing what we have now to bet on love, but they will also eat our fruits because they deserve to taste why it was worth all that work.

I could go on and on truly, and I will do that in a video, but I’m sure the point is obvious now. There many steps to love that aren’t recognized commonly enough which is why so many people are unhappy in their relationships and lives. It is kind of naïve to hope that everyone receives their seed and grows it happily alongside their neighbor, but I have faith it will occur eventually. The hard part society must do now is garden this overgrown mess of a crop. A lot of work needs to be done and it won’t be helped with all these people trampling, littering and burning the ground before we can even get the seeds in the ground.

That part will require a huge group effort working towards the same goal of all love for everyone and not all power for one person or group. There’s so much wrong in this world, we can’t even be decent humans to each other because of media and politics, they are least of our worries honestly but the cause of so much unnecessary strife. The reason our field is suffering this harvest. The general population understands the concept but now we’ve made people create walls for their own private gardens, the audacity, and built walls to keep love out so that section dries itself out with resentment. Now because your garden is empty, you fight with your neighbors who are doing better than you because they took right steps. They can keep giving you seeds of love, but your lack of faith will not allow it to survive. The sins of life will dry it out. Your pride makes you think you don’t need faith and that it will just grow just because of your own will. Your greed makes you get more seeds than needed but you don’t have the care to nurture them each appropriately, so they die off. Your lusts distract you from giving the seed all the care it needs. Sloth needs no metaphor. Envy for what others have will distract your hand and your plant won’t be as good as theirs because of that. Gluttons will just devour the seed and beg for more with no intention of planting themselves. Anger can scorch the ground so badly that nothing ever grows there again.

Love is real in so many ways, we just must open our eyes in our mind to see it surrounding us. The common human decency that exists is love, just a scent of the fruit that we have all partook in to live. It is corny nowadays because we hear it so often, but it is so true, we all must do our part. The Earth is our home and we aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Hell, if we can’t get along with our neighbors on earth, what will we do when we meet extraterrestrials? We all must turn away from those sins that impede our human progress. Accept Love if not anything else. If we don’t start making the turn around now, we will scorch the whole earth and we’ll be like post-apocalyptic mad max in no time at all.


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